Bridging finance is generally more expensive than a conventional mortgage but, if it is the only option between you and achieving your goal, it could be a price worth paying. What’s more, it may not be as expensive as you think; see our current rates below.

Bridging Finance Rates

Please note that the figures below represent our best bridging finance loan rates which are subject to location and underwriting.

Residential Residential Commerical
1st Charge 2nd Charge 1st Charge Only
Monthly Interest Rate0.9%1.10%1.10%
Arrangement Fee1.00%1.00%1.00%
Admin Fee£250£250£500
Max Loan Value75%65%70%
Min. Loan£50,000£50,000£50,000
Max. Loan£5,000,000£5,000,000£2,000,000
Min. Term1 Month1 Month1 Month
Max. Term18 Months18 Months18 Months
Exit FeeNoneNoneNone

Bridging Finance Costs & Fees

Our legal costs for setting up and exiting the bridging loan are as follows:
For standard residential first charge loans of up to £500,000 to individuals, our solicitor current fees are £750 plus VAT and disbursements. We do not take solicitors fees upfront, they will require an undertaking from your solicitor before issuing standard enquires and security documentation.

There is usually a small fee payable to our solicitor on exiting the bridging finance loan to cover their costs in releasing the legal charge. Circa £250-£300.

Most loans will require a valuation report which BiG will instruct and the borrower will be liable to pay for. We will occasionally waive our requirement for a valuation report subject to our due diligence. Costs vary depending on the property and value but are typically between £250-£1,000.

Bridging Loan Enquiries

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