Joint ventures are the way forward for property development

By: James Newland

The government’s Accelerated Construction Scheme, has been well received as the scheme aims to speed up the delivery of new homes by underwriting construction risks.

The Homes and Communities Agency, are managing the Accelerated Construction scheme, where they hope that house builders will want to deliver larger developments rather than smaller sites in stages, due to the safety net that has now been put in place.

The Government continue to find ways to support and resolve Britain’s housing crisis through being proactive about ways of building new homes.

Joint ventures for property development

A joint venture partnership with BiG Property Finance means you will be able to spread the risks and costs and have access to greater resources, such as specialised staff, technology and finance. This will allow bigger schemes to get off the ground quicker. The joint venture approach also allows you as a partner to respond to market conditions, stepping up build rates when demand is high, as well as needing a longer-term outlook and understanding on the dynamics of affordable housing.

Initiatives such as, the Accelerated Construction Scheme is a very positive approach for the government to have recognised that development is a priority with the UK’s housing shortage will affect us all. By working together in a joint venture partnership with developers, owners and investors we can share the risk and create a flexible, innovative approach to house building.