Rates and Fees for Commercial Property and Residential Development

Please note that the figures below represent our best rates which are subject to location and underwriting.

The following fees will also be applied:

  • Interest from 1.10% per month (subject to experience; location; loan to cost)
  • Arrangement Fee from 1% of the facility.
  • A Valuation Report for the land value; gross development value and build costs will be instructed by BiG and the cost will be paid for by the borrower.
  • The borrower will be responsible for our legal costs in setting up the loan, circa £1,200 to £2,500 depending on the property and loan structure.
  • A small fee of circa £250-£300 per release of charge will be payable to our solicitor on exit.
  • A Monitoring Surveyor will be appointed to issue certificates for the value of works against which BiG will release payments. Circa £400 per certificate.


4 months to 3 years. We will always allow a minimum of 3 months extra to a facility period from the anticipated cash flow to allow for any unexpected delays.

Development Finance Enquiries

  • (Including size and mix of units)
  • (The amount you wish to borrow)
  • (Period of time to pay back your loan)
  • (please include basis of Valuation)

Development Finance Questions?

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