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It’s been a good year for surprises: especially unexpected results with the referendum and the recent US election.

The problem with unexpected results, particularly in the property world, is that they can highlight how fragile the UK property market can be. This year we saw significant changes to taxes, and with an increase in stamp duty these seem to have taken a slight downturn in those wanting to invest in the property market, at least in comparison with the last two years.

After a year of surprises there is some what a lack of confidence within the property market. It’s become almost impossible to predict what the next few years hold. The problem this now causes for development lenders is that we are lending against logical values of newly constructed or converted properties up to an 18 months fixed term.

At BiG we are continuing to grow and grow every year. Each member of the team has experience in property development and investment as well as finance. We understand the needs of our borrowers and the issues that can arise in buying, developing, refurbishing, selling and refinancing property because we have experienced them first hand. As well as finance we can often add value through advice and support and we make sure that our loans provide sufficient cover for as many circumstances as possible.

It’s important to add that there is absolutely no reason why the next few years can’t be as strong as the last. The UK economy has had one of the highest growth rates among developed nations and our financial services sector is second to none.

Even though 2016 has perhaps left us with varying degrees of uncertainty, we’re still seeing plenty of quality builders, developers and investors wanting to work with us and who all have great ambitions over the next few years.

Source :Specialist Finance Introducer


Bridging loans provide the borrower with short term finance secured against property assets.



Available to developers and investors with a track record in residential development and / or refurbishment



We will consider putting up to 95% of costs for residential development of refurbishment and joint ventures.